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A Transformative Day & A Transformative Night

Poetry By: RosiPhillips

this is my first book of poetry, it's broken up to four sections: death and faith, love and heartbreaks, time and transitions, and life and realizations.

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A Transformative Day


A Transformative Night

A Transformative Day

Death and Faith



Conversations With Lucifer

In a Gasp She Has Left Me

Death: Friend of Foe?

A Memorial

Maybe Seni


To say there is no God

Is to remove humanities crux

All things cannot be answered

Thus is the great mystery of life

Our only answer

Is our established faith in the divine

It is so ingrained

In our human psyche

In our language, our history

That to remove our religion

Is to remove an essential part of our identity

It is greater than not

Our unfailing belief in the divine

That enables humans to raise

We overcome, persevere, survive

And why?

It is the question asked around the world

Without any answer to provide us

We are at a stalemate

We can answer with the truth

A resounding "I don't know"

Or better try to explain

"Because of (divine entity)"

It is far easier and more comfortable

To place our beliefs in the unseen

To hold dear that which is a mystery

Than to venture out

Into the great unknown


It takes complete comfort

In oneself

Ones religious beliefs

To step foot with into another religion

Pray with the people there

Practice and preach alongside

Then leave comfortable, in the fact

Through that different experience

You have maintained, and even strengthened

Your belief in your own faith

It takes immense acceptance

To try something new

To openly see without judgement or prejudice

Another person's beliefs

Religion itself is a person's faith

It is neither true nor false

It is simply unknown

And for a person to admit that

Means they are truly


Conversations With Lucifer

Lovely bird, god is not all powerful

He is weak and frail like all things He creates

He is said to be all seeing, all knowing, all powerful

And yet He is petty, jealous, and selfish, like a child

But God has created You

So are You not those things?

I have faith in God, because I know Him

He is my Lord, my Savior, and I can do no other, than praise him

For one so smart, you are lacking in knowledge

You claim to know god?

Is he your friend, do you share secrets, fuck each other?

SILENCE! That is blasphemy! Do not sully the Lords name on your filthy tongue!

Look around child

See the world your "God" creates

One of chaos, destruction, violence, depravity

You hold so much faith in god

And yet he cares so little for you


There is no God.


There is no heaven, no hell

No God, no Devil

You worship but a fantasy created by man


Sweet, I am nothing but a figment of your imagination

Just stories told to keep you in line

And solidify a belief in nothing

We are nothing but thoughts moving around in your mind

shaped by your environment

So if We are the Devil

Then We are God

In a Gasp She Has Left Me

In a fit she has left me here

She can not hear my cry

Nor the pain - agony, over my friend - mother

Her voice tickles my ear

I can not feel her hand on me

See her brow smudged with flour

Her voice does not caress me to bed

The light is gone - no more

Her ashes float on the water

Dirt to mud - bone to ash

She is gone-my mind, blank

I hear still - her last breath

Death: Friend of Foe?

As I listen to a story from The Bible

The question seeps into my head

Death is the last fight? Our greatest enemy?

Is he?

I had thought Death a long time friend

Since conception he has always been with me

Death is release from the pain and hardship of living

Death is a purple heart in the war

An honorable discharge

Is life not the real enemy

Is birth not the battle

Disease, rape, pain, and hardship

Those come with life

You fight a battle everyday for survival

You can't fight Death

Death Is inevitable

Perhaps I have grown to romanticize my death

Thinking of my ending as a friend or lover come to bid me good night

Fear is misplaced in this world

We are born to populate

Live, breed, and die

I don't fear death

I fear life

A Memorial

Facing the winding trail of humanity

I take a deep breath in and begin

Life has been taken

And life has been restored

Yet the two are not balanced

The hearts and souls of family and friends

Lay open, raw, bleeding

Two lives were taken

Young men at their prime

Children are lost forever

To the destruction of a curving bullet

I reach the circle of all my emotions

Of all humanity's emotions

Words fail me

As I bend down and silently weep

I weep for lives lost

Lives who will never love, lose, father children

Who will never live into old age, who will never-

But I am pulled back, a comforting hand reminding me ...

This winding road has not ended

So we walk again, and I look back towards the center

Three stones, three lives

One candle, one guiding light

And silently I hope for their peace

But I cannot bathe in my grief

For doing so means that I am wasting the life I still have

So I find my way out of the winding maze of humanity

It it easier, I can picture all the things they never did but I will do

And I make a promise to live the life I have

I can do no less

Life simply is, and living is a part of life

So I smile and decide how I plan to live

Before my life's light is taken too

Maybe Seni...

Come now, hear

I have a memory

Not so far back

Of a child...

Listen to the song and you will see

What happened to this child

What happened to the family...

Maybe, Seni, you're not the only one

The sun that you can't see,

Rising above the trees

As far as the the mind can reach

To never again, feel that touch

Smooth against your hair,

A touch that was never there.

You can't breath in air

Or kiss the wind hello

No, seni, no...

Or taste, yummy meat pies,

Or have Egusi soup,

sticky, spicy, and hot

My darling, no you may not

Feisty, little Seni

You're sleeping for too long

Wake up and hear this!

But you won't, because you can't.

Maybe Seni, you're not the only one...

A Transformative Day

Love and Heartbreaks

The Giver

The Desire of Love


You called


Under the Cypress Tree

Storm Over Time

Never Be Enough


The Giver

Give me a brush

and I will paint you the world

Give me a pen

And I will write you Utopia

Give me an instrument

And I will play you a paradise

Give me the world over

And I will give you eternity

But remember, Giver

If ever you cannot provide me

I can trust you no more

And this fragile truce we hold

Will be but food for the wind

The Desire of Love

Let thy be humble

Say not with words

Your heart is easy to read

Surrounded with colors

Humming with emotions

Brilliant, blinding, in intensity

And what of a caress

Leave not without my mark

Holding your soul to me


At once not seen

The love I have

The love I give to you

On sweet mind

For sweeter you

Leaves my soul entranced

For loving you

Is a gift itself

That I will always cherish

Storm Over Time

The rain pelts and fire and the cold ignite

And the drum across the window pain

Leads to wild tumbles and smoked fogs

And the sky, a betraying gray

Lies down and dies on the concrete

Is born in the river

And lives in the clouds

Soft rustling is heard among the sea

A sigh and silence, and then breath

A barrier against sorrow, a balm to heal

Together they live in the rain

The rain is their Aphrodisiac

And it is more than the act

It is a merging of two into one

Of lust into peace

It is time and time again

The passion released from the storm

Under the Cypress Tree


This lifetime is not enough

Forever is just the beginning

Eternity in you is life

Without you Is hell


When I call you answer

Your name flows like wine from my lips

And your head turns, and your smile plays

Arms opening wide

Fingers extending to my heart

We do not simply love

We make love, creating a new element

Entirely, uniquely, ours


If you need

I will sate

If you hurt

I will heal

If you change

So must I

We are as one

Forever bound

You called

You called

I came

We play

The same game

And it's torture

And it's relief

And I only have peace

When you're inside of me


It's not safe or comfortable

There aren't soft kisses or light strokes

His tongue is down your throat

Your panties are around your ankles

And you pray to God, he doesn't break the plaster

It's not calmly looking into her eyes

Or saying sweetly in climax "I love you!"

She's on the kitchen counter

You're driving in hard enough to leave marks

She screams, comes; you roar, come

And all you can think while you gulp in air is: "Fuck!"

It's not between the sheets

Nor pretty flowers are laid with pretty words

It's on your knees, with a rug burn

An exchange of what's acceptable

For what's worth fucking dying for

It's rough when he's having you

It's crazy when she loses control

It's lust, dipped in possession, with a pinch of fire




pretend you love me

For just one moment

That there are no lies nor deception

That you'll come home early

And we'll have dinner and conversation

Let's pretend I still care

For just one more day

That I'll wait for you

That I'll cry myself to sleep

That I can't see myself without you

Let's say goodbye

Let's leave and never look back

You don't love me and I don't care

So let's not pretend anymore

Never Be Enough

I love you

Like the stars love the moon

Like the planets love the sun

My love for you

Can never be undone

But I'll never be enough

So I'll wait

On our porch

Let the night wash over me

You're not there

Never there

And I break

Still I remain

My love for you holds past my pain

But I'm not enough, never enough

And you stray

Still I stay

My heart is gone

Out in the wind

And I wonder

If I'll ever love again

A Transformative Night

Time and Transitions


Over Time

A walk in the Dark



I Sit on a Car





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