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Desires by Ally Six

By: Rumblefish

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My body turns shades of grey as we say our good byes. I'll see you once again, far away in time. City lights flash beneath the hydroplaning aluminum trap, all the things we did are in our minds constantly being recapped. Threads of dreams in a new world with each other hang over head, our magnitude of love is, by strangers, commonly misread. It's absurd to think we're under the same sky, yet so far apart, looking with separate sets of eyes. Time goes slow as the season lapse. Letters to each other lay on my desk over lapped. Tears river down my face while I lay in bed, Responsibilities are nothing, I'll dream of you instead. Daily work schemes away from our rituals, as mourning over each other becomes subconsciously habitual. In our dreams voices fade and change as words are spoke, laying still in bed with our hearts hurting and broke. We know we have each other though hours hurt like hell, soon enough it will be our turn to ring the dinner bell. The times draws near and money is gained, we're given the chance to forget about pain. When we lock eyes the reasons are finally sited, love would be taken for granted if we weren't reunited.

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