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By: rupanshi

Page 1, short n sweet description of optical illusion....

The pretty MIRAGE


You are here but not here  actually ,

Still floating in the nitty gritty.

Ohh! I'm befuddled ,

Disturbed , pitched and finally tumbled.

Hey! I can feel, view and scan you, 

Pitty! I can't touch you in a snobbish milieu.

Why do you hallucinate me ?

If you are the optical phenomenon naturally.

You are inferior and superior ,

Still want me to admire....

Yes , i will applaud , adore and cherish,

For the dual character that embellish....

People passing by called me fool,

But I said just look at its groove.

I understood its worth.....

Counterfiet of original,

Stupendous , extravagent and remarkable,

Its a MIRAGE that is so pretty and amiable .



                                                                       By : Rupanshi Sharma




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