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What Do You See in Me?

By: RyansGirlFOREVER1993

Page 1, This poem I wrote is about how I feel when I\'m around people, I feel like they all just stare and think: why would God create such a ugly girl?

~What Do You See in Me?~

I walk inside

I look terrified

Eyes of hatred

Eyes of stares

I wonder if I seem 

different to you

I don't have the courage to ask

What do you see in me?

What do I seem to be?

When you leave

do you try to erase me

from your memory?

What do you see in me?

I stand around

I don't stand my ground

Eyes of confusion

Eyes of glares

I wonder if you

just want me to disappear

I wish I had the strength to ask

What do you see in me?

What do I seem to be?

When you leave

you don't dare

look back at me

What do you see in me?

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