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I am Me and Me is I

Poetry By: SakuraBlossoms327

I am me, and me is I.
This is an english assignment we had to do. It had to be based off of Whitman's "Song."

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I am who I am.

I am me, and me is I.

I believe in myself as I should.

I am composed of the best sugar and spice

But my thoughts may not always be nice.

My body, heart, mind and soul
Started from a mere molecule.
My origin identical to those around me
But still I fly and stay free.
I have yet to meet my 17th age
Yet I've grown out of magics and a Mage
My mind shall wander through the time
And my personality will continue to shine.
I spread my wings to fly away
Only to decide to stay
This may be temporary and short
But for now it's only due to a retort
I am me, me is I
I am nice but may defy
Words and I may be muddled
By thoughts and I are in a close huddle

I am who I am.

I am me, and me is I.

I believe in myself as I should.

I am controlled by today's society to act correctly

When in reality, that is not me at all.

The "real" me would be treated differently.

The "real" me is crazy, loud, and a little weird.

The "real" me is hidden by masks and walls.

I have these to protect the "real" me.

But friends are able to see past these masks.

Even allow me to take them down.

For they accept the real me, but I still hide my true feelings

Not to worry those around me.

I must be the strong pillar of my friends.

For in the tough times, sometimes it is all I can do.

I am who I am.

I am me, and me is I.

I believe in myself as I should.

I feel that I cannot burden those with my feelings

So I bottle them up and release them in my hobbies.

Writing, the pen moves swiftly across the paper.

The ink bleeds my thoughts and feelings into a story

I cannot write happy stories, only tragedies

For that is what I feel inside.

I write about heroines, who are not the usual happy go lucky girl.

No, that was to cliché for me.

My characters have a tragic past, go through torture and have a different personality.

They are what is called Tsundere

Harsh on the outside, but loving on the inside.

It is a bit like my actual personality.

I give them superpowers, but they don't want the responsibility that comes with it.

But, in the end, it is exactly like me.

I don't want the responsibility that is thrown at me.

I am afraid of letting people down.

Drawing, the brush making swift strokes

As the paint blends onto the paper, muddling my thoughts

I escape the real world, and enter a place where I can be at peace.

Dancing, a form of expression through music and movement.

I dance gracefully across the stage as if I was a swan.

I allow the music to overflow my senses as I lose myself on stage.

Music, the lyrics and melody flow through my mind.

It does not matter if I cannot understand

I connect on an emotional level to the melody and the vocalists.

I am able to enjoy the musical ability of people around me.

My hobbies allow me to think of better thoughts.

I am who I am.

I am me, and me is I.

I believe in myself as I should.

It does not matter if others do not believe in me.

I know who I am and where I will go.

I am in control of my life, my destiny.

Not anyone else.

No one can make me anything I am not.

I learned that the hard way,

As I was shunned as a kid.

I was bullied for being new.

Nobody should experience what I did.

Although I should thank them,

The bullies I mean.

They made me who I am today and changed my behavior.

I started to stand up for myself

And started to be more outspoken and protective.

I am protective of myself, keeping myself from harm.

I am protective of those who cannot protect themselves.

I am protective of my friends, who will never leave me.

I will do anything to protect the ones I love.

Even if it hurts me in the end.

I would leave them, if they were in danger.

Their happiness means more to me than my own safety.

I am who I am.

I am me, and me is I.

I believe in myself as I should.

One day, my world was shattered.

Broken apart into tiny pieces, and then blown away in the wind.

Someone had left me, without so much of a good bye.

I received the dreaded call, from my friend.

How some unearthly being took our friend away.

I fell to my knees, my heart terribly bleeds,

It was hard to let her go.

I couldn't tell if it was a dream or not.

It felt so hard just to wake up.

But I wasn't alone.

I still had my friends, my family, people supported me.

But I tried to push it all away.

I felt that I was strong enough on my own.

She is still with us, not in body.

But in heart, mind, and soul.

She is here with us, looking down at us, watching over us.

She is here on my chest, watching out for me.

She is on my pendant, which lies peacefully around my neck.

She will not be forgotten, no matter how hard we try.

With her unique laugh and her mint green eyes.

Just by talking to her, brightened up my day.

I enjoyed making her laugh and our randomness.

We had weird inside jokes that only we would understand.

But we didn't care.

We had each other and that was all we needed.

I am who I am.

I am me, and me is I.

I believe in myself as I should.

My past does not define me, but it has shaped me.

Under this mask and wall, is someone who is genuine.

I may seem child-like and cute.

But that is all a façade, underneath, I understand more that it seems.

I may seem confident, but I am not.

I see all my scars and imperfections on me.

As everyone else does, they see the flaws, not the good qualities.

But I do not let that get me down.

I know I have friends who would miss me if I left, or did anything bad to myself.

So I push those feelings down and think positive about myself.

I am able to get people to smile and laugh,

Without even trying.

It makes me smile as well.

It makes me forget about my flaws and imperfections.

It makes me forget about everything horrible in the world.

I am who I am.

I am me, and me is I.

And nothing can change that.


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