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God's Only Tears

By: Sapphire Angel

Page 1, In the sense of an innocent child of God.


Today is raining.
I think of God.
Drip Drop.
Goes the rain,
clattering on my roof.
I ask myself.
Why is God Crying?
Why is he sad?
Drip Drop.
Goes the rain again.
Has someone died?
Has someone done wrong?
What is it God?
Please tell me.
I am listening.
Drip Drop.
Goes the rain,
on my window sill.
I wish I knew,
why are you crying today.
Why you are sad.
Are you all alone?
Up there?
I am down here.
If you want to talk.
I am listening.
I can hear.
Drip Drop.
I hear the wind,
pushing at my door.
Is everything all right?
Up there?
I am still here.
I am listening.
Drip Drop.
Something strikes me.
Tears going down my spine.
I know why you are sad.
I have been listening.
I'm right beside you.
You are not alone.
Up here.

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