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Swept Onward

By: Sapphire Angel

Page 1, Talks about trash in it\'s view if it were to have feelings as a human being.


Cars going straight, passing by me
The winds sweeping us to the side
Looking up to the people
Them, walking with a straight face right through me
Being stepped on through the streets
A gust of wind picking me up again
Will this adventure ever end?
High up in the sky where only children can see me
Drifting, then down to a soft bed
Hearing the roars of the sea calling me
Now holding me in its arms to take me away
Away from the sad and undesirable world
Floating on the water like a white feather in grass
Joining the group of our kind
To drift for a new place to call home
The waves around us get rougher
While boat come upon us with nets in the air
Falling on down  onto our level with great care
Picking some up... but not all in their grasp
While others go to places of new opportunity
The others like me go to waste on down
to the bed of other species
Some pushed away, while others lay alone for a while.
Suddenly being swept up into a sea creatures mouth
Only to be coughed up and washed ashore the next day
Awaiting for the next adventure 
Will it ever end?
Or that of a  final relief 
To be finally touched
With a person warm and caring hand


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