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Faith Through The Fight

By: Saturday Night

Page 1, Dedicated to my daughters. I miss you both. Keep the faith and remember I am here for you if ever you need me. I love you, Dad.

Faith Through The Fight


I know this family is torn apart

Broken up in pain

Instead of standing in the sunshine

We’re all drowning in the rain


Even though I still believe

In the end we’ll be all right

To be standing in the morning

You have to face the night


Put your faith in love

It’s the only thing that’s true

Find the strength within your soul

It will tell you what to do


Someday soon this mess we’re in

Will be a bad memory

Someday-endless happiness

Together we will see


Stick to your guns and don’t give up

We’ll win this battle in the end

Wrap my love around you

Take this message that I send


I will always love you

Together or apart

The blood that flows inside your veins

Proves we’re all one beating heart

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