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The River Of Time

By: Saturday Night

Page 1, Just a quick stop to say hello to any fans that may have missed me. I'm well and swiftly on my way to better days. Hope all of you are doing great. One more soul mirror, enjoy!

The River Of Time


It’s been a long, hard journey

To the man I am today

Although there are some that won’t agree

I would have it no other way


The oldest of five children

Together yet alone

Never felt like I belonged

Even safe at home


The night has always welcomed me

I’ve needed it to survive

A place of peace in darkness

To remind me I’m alive


Candle flames and midnight fires

Illuminate my tortured soul

Reflections of a lonely man

Raised on rock and roll


Drifting upon the river of time

Searching for my fate

Words propel the journey

Although I’m running late


It’s been a long, hard passage

I know it’s far from done

Halfway down this river

I’ve only just begun

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