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All Tied Up Now

By: SavvyApple

Page 1, A little poem I wrote for my friend... (From her POV) Hope you guys like it!!!

"Tell me you like me"

He had said

into my 

disbelieving eyes.




No, I don't know.


Walking away now,

holding back tears now,

Two weeks past now.

"Formal - ask me,"

was then. 

I'm over with, 

gone now.

"You," he had said,

"I pick you," he whispered,

into my gullible mind.



Not anymore.

I tripped -

I fell -

I fell for you. 

Now you pick


when now,

the answer

was yes.


The race, 

still on,


But I was wrong,

you've left,

left me in the dust.


The tie -

the tie

was broken,

it's all over now.

But oh well,

it's all 

"too bad,

so sad," 

for me.

You like her,

she likes you.


But you know what,

I'm the "she" too.

Just not the "her".

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