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O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree, O Why Do You Do This To Me?

By: SavvyApple

Page 1, Christmas is coming up, and every year I get my heart broken. Why? Why... Why?

Songs with joy,

the songs that come every year.

The fresh tree scent,

the scent that comes every year.

The crush on that guy,

the crush that comes every year

but every year its different.

Each year

It's a different guy

Each year

It's a different love

Each year

It's a different level

And each year,

just around Christmas,

it grows


and more

and more.

TIll I doubt

I could love you more.

This year

you are my love

this year

you are the one that I will

love forever.

Until forever ends.

This year

I will get my heart broken

by you.

How do I know?

Because that's how

it always goes.

As my family

Carols around

the old Christmas Tree

Singing the songs

forever sung,

I think

Every year

it usually starts

around this time,


and laughing

and caring

Because that's just

what we do.

As we sing the carols sung

Every Year,

I think that this is it

This is my love

I will love you forever

forever and always

but no

It's not meant to be.

Every year

I smell that fresh pine tree scent in the house.

Every year,

I decorate whatever part I can reach.

Every year,

I fall in love.

And Every year, I get my herat broken.

Every year,

I break my heart.

Because I was foolish enough

to love you

like I did.


singing around this Christmas tree,

I ask thee,

O Christmas Tree,

O Christmas Tree,

O Why Do You

Do This To me?

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