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Who cares ? : A Bullying Poem

By: SecretGirl97

Page 1, It started as a poem that rhymed but then didn\'t. sorry about the spelling. This poem is about a kid who gets bullied then someone tells the teacher and it all stops then the person and him become best friends <3


Who chooses who's black ?

Who chooses who's white ?

Who chooses what's wrong ?

And who chooses what's right ?


Who cares if your a girl ?

Who cares if your a boy ? 

Who cares if your bisexual ,


Or straight.


Who cares if your ginger ?

Who cares if your blonde ?

Who cares if your a brunette ?


Who cares If your tall ?

Who cares if your short?


Who picks on that kid ,

Who doesn't say a word,

Who gets unheard.


Who told the teacher ?

Who made it clear ?

Who saw through the fake smile ?

Who cares how you feel ?

Who thinks of others ?

-Not Just himself


Who made it stop ? 

Who's now your best friend?


Who's made you so happy ?

Not now sad.

Who doesn't care ,

If your black,

of if your white .

Who doesn't care ,

If your wrong,

or right.

Who doesn't care , 

whether your a girl,

or a boy,

Who doesn't care,

if your bisexual,

gay or straight

Who doesn't care if your,



Or a brunette.

Who doesn't care if your tall or short.


Who told the teacher,

Who's now your best friend ?


Don't be silent- 

Tell someone









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