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Dreams Of You

By: seven

Page 1, A heart, a soul, a spirit. And, of course dreams

   Tonight, you visited me in my Dreams,
  The promise was made, and it was kept.

   As, were the others before.
  Promises to keep.

   As of yet, these Dreams of you,
  The evidence you will see soon,
 Is mine to keep.

   I will place it in your Palm,
  I will place it in your Mind,

   I will place it in your Heart,
  I will place it in your Spirit,

   I will place it in your Soul.

   In my Dreams you comest,
  You go with the resuming ground.

   The sweet taste of your lips,
  And, desire's advancing sound.

   In reality, and in fear you comest,
  You go at such a step, of joy.

   That I know to embark in Love,
  Upon the depths of You.

                / F /


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