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Lances Of Palms

By: seven

Page 1, keeping promises, believe what is given!

   Images on our hearts,
   The lances of palms,
   The sea's shining shield.

   I have kept my own promise,
   To leave you the one thing I own,
   My love for the one, which is You.

   I wanted mercy,
   I wanted the universe,
   To bend down and touch me.

   A pure tenderness,
   To believe what was not given,
   To believe could be given.

   To believe the heavens,
   Would still lay soft wings,
   Of blessings upon you.

   If you cried out in need,
   The breath of love upon your face.

   Signifying argument,
   Signifying persuasion,
   Grunting between clenched teeth.

   A high falsetto cry above the rest,
   A grunting exhalation of breath,
   A positive rhythmic ecstasy.

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