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Polar Nights

By: seven

Page 1, Rain, desert heat, moon and the stars!

   Your hands that beckon me,
   From up close.

   We must journey to where,
   The hills are many.

   And, we ride in the rain.

   The desert heat, with furnace flames
   We will walk, upon the brand.

   In a land of burning sands,
   We leave a mark.

   We ride with the moon,
   And, in the dark.

   Now, we see the snow,
   Now, we feel the snow

   On the mountain's rise,
   Cold and bleak.

   Yellow rays fill the morning sky,
   And, the lights of the polar night's.

   Utter it's cries, from prancing
   Star to star.

   And, the sun-less nights are.

             / F /

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