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By: Sex Kitten

Page 1, Sometimes we have to walk away..


Beautiful snowflakes falling...

I guess I miss you.

The cold wind on my tears,

I'm frozen.

I miss you.

My hair a mess from endless blizzards.

I'm all alone in here,

Without your embrace.

Without you,

Without your voice and laughter.

The cold wind on my cheeks,

Please don't stop my heart.

Please don't freeze my pain.

Let me hear the train approaching.

I want to feel myself as I leave

My memories behind...

Because I love you...

Let my past be left behind,

Forgotten in the Winter.

Let the sounds of the train

Wash away your voice calling out my name...

Please, winter, don't let me turn behind.

Don't let me see him standing there.

I made a promise not to care...

Let the falling snow hide us both

Behind the white curtain.

Let the melody of the piano

Explain to him how I really feel...

I don't need to speak,

The winter understands.

Please, don't let him see me

As I disappear forever...

I know I won't see this all again,

This scene is only in my head.

He won't know the one word

I wrote and left behind in the snow...


He won't know that I whispered to the air

That I am your Winter...

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