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My Bundle of Joy

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, I remember his images everymoment I see my son. today my man is nomore but I live my life with my naughty dear, as if my man reborne...

The rippling water, silvered and golden,

The river flows by,

It mirrors the daily-day-life---

The birds in the blue sky.

Your glowing eyes

Look so bright,

Full of naughty Paradise.

With your sight

I remember my golden days

And I paint within my heart

The blue little waves

Within the dark caves,

Of my heart and love,

Calling me, waving me a bye.

As you, naughty, plan mischief

And run, come to my arms in shy;

Your little red lips,

Like rosy dips,

Your cute, tiny nose...

Poke out on the soft fair face,

Plotting something to pose.

You kiss my cheeks,

You kiss my nose,

You kiss me on my lips,

Your tiny palms

Your soft cute arms,

Your thin ten fingers,

As you hold me tight.

You’re scared in dark

You’re scared at night

You fight with me

Thunders fright you

Amidst the rains

Amidst the clouds

“Don’t worry dear,

Nothing’s to fear

Your mum is here

You are safe’’...

I remember YOU

When YOU were there,

To hold me tight

WhenI was scared,

YOU loved me

Like an Angel Lover.

I know

YOUare my best man ever.

Still I argue with my point,

My little cute bunny is more flamboyant

Even though I can't forget YOU

Still would say he is better than YOU.

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