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My Reason to be Happy

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, Happiness can be even from very small things in life. The root is always inspirations and positive motivations. Nothing in life remains still for anybody and anything. It rolls on.


The night is so dark, my dreams that embark,

I love to laugh, my heart allows,

I sipped and drank milk, gowned in red silk,

I caressed my hair and wallowed.

I tossed and reposed, my heart that proposed,

I engrossed my happy moods,

The end of the day, looked full and so gay,

The birds left for home and broods.

I missed and so kissed, my heart felt so blessed,

The list of my fun endless,

Peeping through flicks, or taking new clicks,

Reflects the mood on my face.

I sit on the chair, blushing and fair,

Thinking of you and me,

Dreaming my dreams, with you it so seems,

I live a life full of blue sea.

I play my guitar, starring a star,

Limelight as though on me,

Cooking good food, fancy imbued,

Such small things can make me happy.

I looked at the sky, the stars winked by,

The bliss of the night is upon,

I smiled in my heart, that no one can hurt,

The moon shone the night, she frowned.

I wish me goodnight, and let me sleep tight,

And dream a sweet dream ever,

The dark and despair, vanish to fair,

Promise me you’ll forget me never.

You leave or love me, or set me carefree,

I still will sail ahead and live,

Nothing gets stopped, or even is cropped,

Life moves on that I believe.



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