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The Rooms

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, if bodies are accounted as rooms... they change their purpose with the change of colours of emotions.


When the body takes the shape and size of a room,

With two windows and a door and air in it,

The soul responses to aggression and impression,

Expressing the caress and sensation;

The marjoram from the hormones seasons it to taste better,

The lees and the brew make it fermented,

Extracted from the giblet of the flesh and the heart,

That jig through the pockets of the rooms of emotions,

And leave it at the ajar aisle for an akin heart and soul.

Sobriquet vendors of love and lust, come in and go,

Displaying and churning the emotions and expressions,

Seeking and peeking for pizzazz for life.

The synopsis of a syncopated romance,

Sighing high for a lee to roll down,

Over the walls, and the floors and the roof of the room,

The corners are too not left and kept untouched.

Embraced by the heat and heart,

The boiling fusions of the legato and libido,

Make them two rooms of hormones:

And the body takes the shape and size of the room,

With two windows and door and no air in it.

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