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When Life is Painful...

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, Life becomes colourless when the hope and desire to stay alive is nomore...for so many reasons in life-romance, identity,failures and so on.

Life is blurred, dreams are dull,
Hopes are hazy,and--
'am not fit in it.

Welcome u bird, I recall u...
To fly with me, and take it all,
I move to happy paradise of death.

The shallow sun, and the dying sky,
Bestows the dusk, the birds--they fly,
High above the clouds, they fly,
To touch their dreams, and hopes and Life,
The night colours it Black and fear.

Tear it comes and unveils Lady moon..
Shinning, bright and silvering the lands,
With her bliss and touch of hands,
Only with my sleepless nights, I moan and fade,
In pain and wait forthe bird,
To take me high on the hills,
On the lash green mass,on the mountains,
To touch the sky and I move to..
Silent Heaven of Death and Peace.

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