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Want To Love

By: shaleheen

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Want to Love

I could not see though I want to see
I could not laugh though I want to laugh
I could not say though I want to say
Large blue sky, you see and feel
I could not see though I want to see
You laugh so brightly, teach me
Shines over flow on face-
Artificial brutal approach

I want to laugh but yet not
I could not fly though I want to fly
You fly and lies on sky play with clouds
Discovered universe - invented weapons
I could not love though I want to love
You shown love - destroy everything
With poly tricks, crimes and lies
Thy could not prove love and peace

Even I could not walk now though I want to walk
You walk and steps towards wrong direction
Warning and threat on the earth every moment
I could not satisfy cause hunger still unsatisfied
You are satisfied cause you have stolen all resources,
Even god is thundered-

My mind is vigorous and faster stream like the Nile and Amazon
My mind reflects the rhythm, imagined all the good feels of love
Which is evergreen, destruct your weapons,
Established the humanity where hunger will be satisfied!!

It should be create new science,
New philosophy, and new horizon
Where you can’t reach at all
Men found their rights and fight against you,
Rain drops on desert like Sahara, create new life
You should be alone because you made me alone,
Even, you could not walk thy walked in a wrong way

I and my people will walk -
We want to walk and fight for right
I will love because I want to love.


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