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By: ShannonPrusak

Page 1, An ode to a dear friend who later became my boyfriend.



The faithful nature lover is my friend,

When he stares with his deep brown eyes some people run cause they can’t comprehend.


He’s very strong and stands still and tall like an Army man,

His clothing portrays that hunting is his plan.


His deep voice may be overpowering to some,

His torn jeans and oversized hoodies make him look like a bum.


When he drinks he is very choleric,

On second thought, when he‘s sober, he‘s still a prick.


My eccentric friend has a big heart,

His mother’s death caused the pain to start.


He is truly sanguine in my eyes,

Even though his anger is what I truly despise.


“If you expect the worse, then the pain doesn’t hurt as much”,

He thinks he can prevent pain by pushing people away and avoiding human touch.



Even though he has put me through years of strife,

I will stand by him for the rest of my life.

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