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Orange Car

Poetry By: SheGoCray

This is a poem about me in five years time trying to tell the me now, not to tell my sister something that will change our relationship forever. The poem by the way - is about my sister and everything she does. I know, confusing. This is my favourite piece of writing ever though. Sorry its so long, but spoken word, - I might actually perform this one :) love you all.

Submitted:Mar 19, 2013    Reads: 19    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Five years later and you still don't answer the phone?

Wow, I musta really

Pissed you off.

I think about you lots.

Tomato flavoured thoughts

That flood through my mind without permission,

After the day that

I split the beans.

Things like

Does cheese still make you sweat?

While I'm trying to concentrate on this exam cause

I'm in Uni now

And this English Lit isn't all you told me it was cracked up to be.

You lied.

At least I didn't lie.

Or maybe I'm just overreacting,

You never did answer the phone well.

Maybe you're sleeping.

I think about you lots,

On the train,

Sometimes I write and read your name,

By accident,

Even if the word I'm meant to say,

Has no connection what-so-ever to you.

It doesn't even sound like you,

South east, RP.

I'm not insinuating that you're always on my mind,

Only most of the time,

Whilst conscious.

Are you still teaching?

Do you still eat KFC?

Do you still pick at all the little strands of chicken,

Because you're so very sure that the chicken veins taste different to the actual chicken,




Have the council sent you a letter yet

Asking you why every other Wednesday,

Your recycling bin's empty?

You never did care much for the


Orange cars,

Grown up bars,

Snickers and Mars,

Chocolate bars.

Do you wanna go out this Saturday?

I'm finally old enough to go out with you,

And I don't mean poetry gigs,

Charity shops,


And Woodstock,

Those were my favourite places.

I mean your favourite places.

All those bars and stuff,

You never did like charity shops.

What they stood for and


Barbie girl,

Does salt still make you sweat?

How's life in Kent?

Get out of my head.

This exam's not going very well.

I accidentally wrote your name

Instead of writing my name

And I'm tired.

I'm distracted.

So much crap in my head,

So much crap in my bag,

Why do we carry crap in our bags?

Magazine cut outs,

Something old, something new,

I'm not even getting married,

A picture of you.

Broken pencil,


Stuff, just stuff,

Distracts me from you,

Except the picture of you.


Are the best thing anyone's ever thought of


Except bread and its fillings.

I love sandwiches.

Do you still sweat?

Oh god,

Something's telling me that if the sixteen year old me

Is still listening,

Still out there,

Just …

Just don't tell her.

You'll loose her.


Unless you want to half heartedly love someone

With half a heart,

Literally half a heart,

Cause when you tell her, she'll take your heart

And you and the one you love will have to share

Your love's heart,

Pumping guilt from your heart to your lungs,


Five years on,

You could just be you,

Without a part of you.


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