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The Precious Stone

By: Shekhar Srivastava

Page 1, I was just sitting in park without no work.I saw a boy coming and crying.I said him to sit but he ignored.Then,his daddy came.The poem tells that we should help poor and needy persons without any hesitation.

I was sitting in a park on a deserted bench,

Suddenly came a boy and started to speak French.

'Sit on the bench' I said.

He turned andshookhis head.

Suddenly came his daddy,

In his hand , there was a candy.

He said, 'Come here my son,

In home there will be fun.'

Heshookhis head,

And ran under the shed.

I don't know that why the child was sad,

But I thought that he was fully mad.

The child walked away after turning around,

But suddenly, he stopped afterlisteninghis mummy's sound.

There was a beautiful scene of sunset,

And the child was fully wet.

He was writing something on the paper such as mad,

But he was looking very sad.

As I realized that his mother could not hear,

I tried to run from there because of great fear.

I tried to run from there also because it was family matter,

I realized that they were poor and his father was a hatter.

Before going from there , I gave something to them,

They were happy after seeing that it was a gem .

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