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did you love me

By: shyleana

Page 1, what happened to my words

Did you love me once upon a time? Did you know that you made me feel okay. You filled me up with happiness. You gave me the confidence that I ever so did need. I heard the things that I needed to hear. I felt wanted and needed. Listened to. Why did you leave? How could you just go away. Without an explaination no final goodbye. Could'nt we still be friends. Didnt you know that you were the one i counted on the most. How can you just wake up one morning and not love me. What did I do to make you hate me like you do. You ignore me. You knw of my problems. You knew all my fears. You hugged me while I cried all tose tears. You wiped eyes. You kissed my scars. You stopped all those drops of blood the=at were cries for help. I told you to brace yourself for a goodbye because it was all I had ever known. You toke my heat for your very own. In that heart was all your promisesthat youd never leave. In those promises I found safety. Safety that i had needed all my life. Did you know how I felt when you told me goodbye. I felt like that vulerable child again. Afraid of the world. That world that I gave no trust. I was cast off, drowning in an ocean of pain that you pushed me into. Killing off that happiness that I thought I had gotten back. I wish you knew that everything that I did was for you. I miss you.

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