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Vampires Mortal

By: SilverWolfGoddes

Page 1, This is something I put together in 9 grade out of boredom in class. Originally this was meant to be a song but I ran out of inspiration.

I'm screaming for you
please, come save me
please just help me overcome the fears of my life...
Please, just help me surpass,
my worst nightmares come to life!
Please just go
I know you say you'll catch me but you really really wont!!!!
What is this feeling that I've got?
Dont let me fall into this trap
I know my heart is to fragile to understand
over and over I believe your lies!
and over and over I'll be your sacrifice!
Please just let me die but dont let it be alone!
over and over i believe your lies
and over and over I'll be your sacrifice
please, dont let me die
please, dont say goodbye

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