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Darkness Inside Me

By: sineadmc1990

Page 1, Please bear with me; I'm currently preparing for college (which includes summer asignments) so I'm sorry if I've not been reading much. It was just waiting to come out of me. Maybe its a message to me, or someone else...Who knows? I do need to rest a bit more; I've been pretty busy ^_^

trapped inside my own body
my personal darkness is my only friend
trapped in the only form i know
in a place where even the monsters
try to avoid like the plague they are

the darkness in me is stronger
than ever before but i control it
not completely, granted
but i am able to hide it behind
yet another thousand masks

maybe i should leave people alone
and hide in my darkness
because there's little they can do
except help me talk about it
but who truly understands
about the darkness inside me?

who can decipher the codes
i write so unwillingly?
who can help me
conquer and tame
the lion of the darkness?

who will be the one
to save me from
my own personal torture?

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