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Wounded Love (It Takes Time)

By: sineadmc1990

Page 1, long, but fucking worth it. comment this time, yea? i'm sick of having a couple of view, and no damn comments. if you don't like commenting, just say shit like "i like it" and make up random bollocks. my best piece to date; it mixes all the types of poetry i write.

a caress of pure exellence
as the sun sets silently
in a sea of sapphires

in the arms of another
all worries fly out the window
like moths drawn to a brighter light


i want to learn how to love you
but i cannot through fear
of losing the only one
who was always close to me

you tried your best to hurt me
but all i did was love you
to no end, did my heart beg
to be loved by you always


love is a delicately weaved web
of truth, lies, emotions and ideas
fear is an immortal and moral man
with wings of pure ebony
fear is much stronger than love

silver and gold are not as precious
as the intimate moment shared
by the cause of fear, and the victim of fear
that intimate moment is never forgotten
but simply never remembered


a gasp
a groan
a touch
an explosion

the lust
the love
the pain
the pleasure


dreaming of times
when love and lust
were one and the same
but that time is over
and now lust conquers
while love fades away
into oblivion where
she cries and weeps
for the past everyone
has left behind
for that past
is a time when
love ruled over
everything including
a man's willpower
and a woman's actions
but now lust rules strong
sitting in his throne
ruling over everything
like a man's actions
and a woman's willpower
yet somehow
lust cannot break apart
the couples that
love has touched
for love is stronger
than anything lust can do


all i hear you say are words
that have been strung together
by what seems to be a child
thinking it is now in love


thinking to himself
that she does not love him
he takes drastic action
to make her heart
beat in time with his
but no heart beats in unison
not even hearts in love

he chains her to a wall
unclothed, and upright
she gazes into his eyes
so full of power and anger
she flinches to think
that he does not love her
as he picks up the knife

she screams as he stabs
into her stomach
blood pouring out
it is shallow he realizes
but she screams out again
"i love you, my darling
and i never wanted to hurt you"

he takes heed of her words
for the first time ever
and he drops the knife
after sobbing with his head
in his hands for a moment
he picks up the knife again


i know from her eyes she is
telling the truth about how
she feels regarding our love
i love you too, my dearest


he hacks away at the leather
holding the chains in place
freeing her instantly
he holds her in his arms
pressing bandages over the wound

like the wound, their love heals

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