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7 Scars, 3 Days, 2 Lengths of Wood, 1 Life

Poetry By: skilletgirl2

A description of the crucifixion and symbolism of it. Enjoy!

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7 Scars, 3 Days, 2 Lengths of Wood, 1 Life
7 scars saved my soul
One pierced side made me whole
The Lamb was scourged
The Lamb was beaten
Just for my ransom
He looked as no human,
Mangled in bloody skin
As an alien
Bones clearly showing
All for my healing
And future salvation
7 scars set me free
A crown of thorns?
My greatest symbol of liberty
Pain and suffering
Enthroned his head
Putting him into the
Torture of hell
And God's fiery anger
All for my sound mind
And joyful countenance
Until the Roman soldier
Made sure he was dead
7 scars sealed my sanctification
His hands surrender in that
holy, surrendered position
When he held out
The palms,
Scarred with holes
So that we might know
We can rest in peace
Of his finished work
7 scars saved me from suffering
He was pierced in His feet
So he could travel
Where no man should be
So he could see
Sorrow and suffering,
Struggle and sickness
To lead me through
His mountain
Not into temptation
This proves his understanding
Of our carnal beckonings
But this His feet
Was pierced for me
To lead, to guide, to weave
From ashes to beauty
Pain to rejoicing
And sorrow to worshiping
7 scars, yes he was
Scourged for me
On that final wound
He did not bleed
Only water spilled
From his tender side
To show he would never
Leave us in troubled times
Out from the sky
Heaven cried
Doctors will tell me
Only water came forth
For his heart ruptured in love
His heart broke, literally,
Just to save me
He knew my pain, but he knew
My joy
And there from the cross
Grace was employed
They took his skin and bones
Down from the tree
His only sacrifice
That was offered for me
Don't look away now
Or hide your face in the sand
Look up, His Righteousness
From Galgath's dry and weary land
To the crimson-painted cross
Where two pieces of dogwood intersect
One short across,
The other long and up
A perfect picture of love
Personified in cries,
Expressed in 5-quart blood
Look closely . . .
What do you see?
"Nothing but a sinner's
Painful leave"
Despair is across
Hope is vertical
Heaven and earth collided
On Deathly Skull's hill
Despair is on the earth,
Like the rising sun
But hope transcends
From heaven to hell
Hope is endless,
So is despair
It's your choice
Which one & whether you go there
Jesus is victorious
He overcame the grave
Now love and grace
Reign in the highest place
But before he reigned
Death swallowed him whole
He spent three long days
In the grasp of his enemy
Where he heard
Crying and wailing
And saw gnashing of teeth
And creation laid
In sorrow still
The King of the World had died
But on Sunday morning
Early before dawn
The earth trembled
The stone rolled away
And the Lord of the Gentiles
Had disappeared from his morgue
His linen was left
And an angel sat,
His face literally shining with joy
Looked to the women,
Frozen with fear
"He who you seek
Is not here
He has risen!"
33 years,
396 months,
1584 weeks,
12045 days,
17356317 minutes,
1040688000 seconds,
All in love
Twelve friends,
Two parents,
Thirty-seven miracles,
Forty-six parables,
And 6.1 billion plus prodigals
This short account
Is only of the 33 years
Jesus spent teaching & healing
He's not done
He still listens,
Still prays,
Still rejoices at the dawn
Of every new day
And one more thing
Before I go:
What do all these numbers show?
Seven and three
Is ten
That plus two
Equals twelve
And one more
For a sum of thirteen
Do you know what
Thirteen means?
Suppose you don't
And that's okay
But I must hurry and tell you
The day is quickly fading away
Thirteen is the number of rebellion,
I say grinning ear to ear
He who has ears, let him hear
Jesus came to save the world
His Kingdom came
And broke the old order
He took the fiery wrath of God,
The full weight of sin,
And all our sicknesses were heaped
Upon him
He was scourged, pierced, and bruised
So we could have the everlasting hope
Of Good News
Jesus loved extravagently,
Healed willingly,
And sacrificed wonderfully
Jesus rebelled
And broke a non-existent relationship
With cold stone
Only so we could call his arms
Our home
The Jews denied him
For he was nothing they expected
For he was lowly, despised, & rejected
He did all of this
What I described in eleven journal pages
All for you
So if you feel like giving up
Why not worship?
This is al he's given us
At least we can say thank you
7 scars, 3 days,
2 lengths of wood,
1 life
All to say,
"My child, I love you"


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