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Trial Trilogy: Part II

Poetry By: skilletgirl2

Part II of the epic poem series: The Prosecutor. The previous (Part I) was called The Defender.

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As I look across the room to meet his
Sinful, scaly eyes
I can't help but calling myself stupid
Why ever did I fall for his lies?
His black colored pupils
Stare back in stony hatred
And in my head I think
What I would do right now to be dead
I finger the crucifix around my neck
And plead to the Lord
"God I'm not strong enough for this
Will you please take me home?"
A still small whisper
Quieter than a breeze
Sings to me peace
And fiery passion sweeps over me
"I am your Strength, I am your Song
You and I will be together,
Soon, you won't wait too long"
His gray ponytail and pointy ears,
Oh how it hurt to restrain myself
From leaping from the chair
And onto his bulky shoulders
I wanted with everything within me
To kill and bury him in the ground
Then finally I might feel sound
The judge pounds the gavel
My trial has finally started
My lawyer sits beside me
But I still feel heavy-hearted
"Your sins our forgiven,"
I hear God say to me
"Won't you believe that you're free?"
His Honor points to my opponent
And says with a twinge of boredom in his tone
"You may begin your argument"
The accuser starts out with a colossal list
Of all faults and short-comings
This is really too much to bear
Hearing these damnations is not what I need
The judge looks apathetic,
Lusting after retirement
"Okay, plaintiffs; do you have any evidence?"
The aluminum beer can rattles
And the sight of the blood on the razor
Keeps my mind and conscience in shackles
The bag of greens
Nearly kill me
This is my illegal antidote;
It's called weed
"She has drank under age
And immorality is her plague
This bag of drugs
Is illegal
There is nothing to keep society safe
From this monster you hold in your presence"
My only plea
Lies in the hands of my defender
I am so terrified right now
I feel my heart might render
To accuse myself of my own sin
And throw my life into imprisonment
My lawyer touches my elbow
And our eyes meet
His heart is soft, smile sweet
I nearly crack at the compassion in his eyes
I'm trying so hard not to cry
He reaches in his blazer pocket
And pulls out Kleenex
He whispers to me,
"Sit back, Lucy
Breathe and relax"
He wipes the tears from my eyes
And finally all the lies
Of the Enemy fade away
The effect he has on me
Happens almost instantly
"Defense you may begin"
The judge called out
My lawyer rises from the seat
And pulls me near
"Just keep your cool
And head clear"
I smile at him
Then sit back down
"Okay, the moment of truth is now"
He swears on the oathe
To tell the truth
Then lowers the mic to his chin
And begins to explain why I am innocent
The process takes minutes actually,
Though it feels like hours
My eyes are dry, but my throat is sour
My stomach churns, I want to hurl
My surroundings begin to twirl
I slowly sip the ice water before me
"Calm down," I told me
"You will be denounced not guilty
It'll all be alright
All I have to do
Is make it through this night
The judge says "Innocent"
And I feel release
His eyes are slitted,
His eyes burn on me
"Ignore him,"
My lawyer implores
"He lost, we won
There is nothing more"


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