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Rib Cages

By: SkylerV

Page 1, It\'s about a heart in it\'s cage.

I told myself I wouldn’t write
Told myself I wouldn’t recall
I told myself you’re in the past
And that’s where you belong
I told myself I wouldn’t feel paper cuts
From my heart that speaks like pages
But, I guess, if hearts were tame
They wouldn’t need rib cages
I told myself I wouldn’t mind
As long as you’re smiling there
And I’m crying all the eyes I’ve left
Pretending not to care
I told myself I wouldn’t look
For healing from the ages
But, if hearts were meant to be tame,
We wouldn’t need rib cages
But as it sits inside it’s cage
It beats on my chest for freedom’s gaze
But if I let it out I know
A heart cannot survive alone

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