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To the Nightengale

By: SkylerV

Page 1, Has nothing to do with Nightengales.

I walked along the boulevard
Of long-lost, broken dreams
And masking tape gave a façade
To cover up the seams
And you walked past me as though
Everything you love just died
And you spoke to me with words of looks
Language of your Eyes
I walked along the sandy beach
Of tears pooled and tossed away
And the tide destroyed my tower of love
I had been building all day
And I saw you a fathom out
As if you’d conquered your fears
But alas, you were just drowning in
The language of your tears
I walked along the boulevard again
And the road was cracked and broken
As though some primordial beast below
Had decided to be awoken
And the look on your face was of worry
But of your looks, I took no part
For you spoke to me with words of blood
The language of the Heart
I walked along the sandy beach
Where the ocean had dried
And the tower I built fell into dust
Whenever my weary hands tried
And you walked up and tried to speak
But failed to say the least
For there are no words to say to Angels
In a language of a Beast

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