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Your Sweet Memory

By: SmilingAppearances

Page 1, This didn\'t happen to me in any way but I felt like publishing it for the people it did happen to.

                     I'll never forget what decision you made

                     It's too late now, you gave it away

                     We can no longer talk, because there's nothing left to say

                     It would be easier for me if you just stayed away

At night, I can't do anything but cry myself to sleep-

Because the way your voice sounds, just cuts me so deep

Knowing another day is coming, just gives me the creeps

Because at the end of the day I can't do anything but weep

                      It hurt so much to walk away from you

                      But I won't deal with the crap you just put through

                      Considering what you did, I don't know how I ever loved you

                      I never thought I'd say this but, I'm glad we're through

When you were sweet you'd say, "Don't forget about me,"

I use to think you were crazy because everyone knew you were my everything

EVERYONE saw that, but YOU coudn't see!

So all I have now is your sweet memory....

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