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The Man I Adore

By: smircle

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Felt in the chest, behind the cages of bone,

My head to the coldness of the hard, jagged stone.

A pain at my temple, hard and deep,

A drop of liquid runs down my cheek.


My body is bruised, but not from a fall;

From nothing I know of, but the man, so tall,

He stands by my side, still and blank

The wine, I remember, was the last thing I drank.


Hard, pounding music while I danced on the floor,

The drink that I took from the man I adore.

The taste of the wine as I took my first sip,

As he led me away, his hand on my hip.


My hands are chained to the post of a bed,

My legs are limp, useless and dead.

I can’t do a thing as he unbuckles his belt,

My trousers are next, revealing a welt.


A sting on my skin as he lashes the strip,

The leather, so cold as it’s used as a whip.

My skin, once pale, freckled and white,

Is now many shades of reds, so bright.


My shirt is taken from my body with ease,

I’m laid on the bed while he does as he please.

My mind, once frozen from shock and fear,

Is now alive and fighting his leer.


My fight is defeated as my arms are tied,

His hands on my body as I try not to cry.

His fingers rub lower as my body protests,

He chuckles, amused, as I fight my best.


Abruptly he stops, his rubbings cease,

My body sags, sighs in relief.

My back is arched as I’m pulled from my place,

My head yanked by my hair as I see his face.


My legs are forced open, pulled apart,

He pushes forward, the pain now starts.

My throat closes up, eyes clouding with tears,

As the man I’ve loved and wanted for years,


Causes the pain I’ve never wanted to feel

As he takes what he wants, my innocence he steals.

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