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Don't do this to me...

By: sonia

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My heart calls out to itself

With nobody else to call to

Without transmitting its syndrome


No more can it bear

No more hate no more depsiar


Cut off the connections

Frm past to present


Why does it agen and agen

Be given endless punishment

Time after time


Its weak frm past diseases

Its weakened by blood

By ache by fake

By hate


dnt let it die agen

As it died before

As it dies agen and agen

The continuoes impossible,

Cycle of death


Dnt tickle and stab at once

Making lafter painful

Making tears joyfull



Dnt let the blood flow

And wipe away the drops as you do

Leaving holes and no clues

Empty pores

Clean floors


Dnt Stab frm behind,

As cowards do


Dnt Scream from your lungs,

As criminals do

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