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loving and leaving..

By: sonia

Page 1, uhuih

Loving and leaving..


My love is with you

My heart is in you

I don’t want to leave you

When everything i want is you


I try to think strong

I try to think it should be wrong

To love u so much


I try to see the day when you won’t be there

The day when your not allowed to care


I want to stay by your side

For now and forever


We made the bond only to depart

We knew it would end, before it could start


Why did we have to meet

And be truer than perfection?


Seeing you just once a day

Takes my breath away

Not seeing you

Would take my life away


I loved u at first sight,

I loved you true,


I loved you more everyday

I loved you in every way


Love you now and forever


Thers nobody else

That i have loved before

That i can love in the future

That i can love more than you


I love you

And only you


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