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The Book and the Bee

By: sonia

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The book and the bee
A beautiful bee came to load its hive with honey
Only to be optimistic of its home
A hollow book nearby welcomed
The bee who had lost its honeycomb
For a long time the bee remained there
Locked and laden with affection and care
in large white sheets of roads of knowledge
Big space, big home, big storage
The book and the bee remained like this
Ignoring everything else, not caring of the world
Together forever in symbiosis
This could not go on, not like this
So they decided to depart, for the book to let the bee free
Every time, the deadline was postponed
The deadline was denied, it never came
So longer and longer they lived in magical rain
A surprise it was when the fly came to visit
Only to remind bee to go back to hive where it belonged
The hive where it was needed and wanted
So departure happened without happening
The book had to let the bee free
And again be without company

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