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Stop Smothering Him

By: Staplink

Page 1, Possessive girls should stop bugging guys or they won\'t get what their pushing for.


Somehow I get entangled in people’s relationship problems

I guess that’s the teenage high school emblem

Though I don’t have one they come

And expect good advice like I have the green thumb


They don’t understand that even though I want you to reconcile

I refuse with all my being to live in a perpetual state of denial

Cuz I can’t force-hand anyone to make up or get along

If you ignore everything I said, please remember that line of the song


Try to talk to him and then leave it alone

Call or text once and then forget he’s listed in your phone

Otherwise he will avoid you like a case of herpes

And then you’ll come crying over here insisting, ‘Why me?’


If you blow up his messages or voice mail

You might as well claw a chalkboard with your fingernail

You’re driving him crazy with this drama in his story

Quit it now or he’ll upchuck you for good and you’ll be sorry

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