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What I Think of Your Opinion

By: Staplink

Page 1, How I don\'t care what people think.


The more you talk the more I don’t care

You might as well be talking to the air

Or an imaginary friend sitting in a chair

That I can see through like glassware


You wonder why I couldn’t care any less than I do

It’s because people misjudged me over stupid things so I grew

Out of caring what others think to be true

Cuz in the end it’s all a steaming pile of poo


If you have an opinion about me keep it in your pants

Get out of my life; you’re not someone I know as friends or fans

Do you honestly think your words or opinion phase

Me as I live my life like the castaways?


I don’t want your company

Go away, close your legs, you’re stinky

Close it from now on cuz I just don’t care

About your opinion of who, what, and where

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