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As if my life couldn't get any worst, and then it does

Poetry By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Okay, so I feel like crap right now. So if this poem sucks you know why. No not the sick crap, the emotion 'crap'. So here it goes...... Enjoy :)

Submitted:Dec 10, 2009    Reads: 55    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

You make my life like crap 24/7
And yet you don't do that
So now you're gonna make it worst
How? I ask, but you will figure it out
You always seem to make me get lower into the ground
Nobody loves you, yeah right. They side with you
Oh how could he hit you? He doesn't do a thing like that
Yeah right, I'm just saying this
I already don't wanna wake up in the morning
'Cause I know she sides with him, and they make me feel like crap
Ah, I should just give up
He won't stop until he gets what he wants
I don't feel safe around him anymore
But how come? He does no wrong. That is just bull!
Yeah, so these tears are fake! I must be a good actress then!
I fake it when my friends comes
What can they do? Beat him up? Then he'll get me when they're gone!
I mean come on who can save me?
I can't fight back, it'll get worst
Why my life does have to be like crap when I'm hitting the amazing years of teenage years?!
He does it to get me down, and it always works!
I don't smile anymore
I can't do anything anymore
Without hearing his hateful words
And no matter how hard I try
I can't block him out; they just hurt me even more than his fists!
But sure, I'm a drama queen, a liar
I'm making this up, and I'm sure she is too
When she saw him do it
But go ahead believe him
And when I'm gone, you know why!
I shouldn't let him get to me
I shouldn't be crying on the floor
I shouldn't be beating up my pillow
I shouldn't think about killing myself
And yet I still do; he has finally gotten the best of me!
I have been working so hard
To build up a wall to block him
And when I succeed to do it
He tears it down within seconds
So why bother anymore?!
He will always take my spotlight
The words he says are true
I let them stink in, to the point where I believe him
What happen to the girl who was a fighter and a believer?
Well that girl got scared and took off!
Why can't I be brave?
Because he beat that out of me!
The only thing that could protect me
Is gone, and I can't get him back
So why hide? When he's only gonna find me!
I give up this time I mean it!
I'm giving in to him
I'm a liar so I don't get believed
And yet he's the lair!
But he lies so good they don't believe him!
Why can't I be popular? Where I can block him out?
Why don't I have faith and stand up to him?
Why don't I tell him to shut up?
Why don't I just ignore him and go on with my life?
Because there isn't no way, he'll always ruin my life!
Are you happy?
I have nothing to live for!
You destroyed everything!
My will to live, my will to be happy!
You actually win! I won't fight back anymore!
I mean will my cat protect me?
No he's lost his ninja powers!
He's scared of him too!
And the only one who would protect me
We had to get rid of! And man he was gonna save me!


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