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Best Friends we were, so now what are we?

By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Page 1, This is about my old best friend. We were friends or still are since kindergarten! but as time goes we lost touch, went to different middle schools, and high school time came and I moved closer to the state above... so yeah, you get the point!

We seem to lost the connection we had for so long
The spark we had just died down
We’re the not way we use to be
Are we even the same people?
So are we still best friends?
I mean we don’t fight or anything?
But is it time to say we grew apart?
I haven’t called you since August?
And you sure don’t know I moved
We had good times from K-5th!
I will never forget you girly
All those times I spent the night at your house
And you at mine
All those secrets we shared, and silly fights we had!
Heck I think it safe to say we’re not even friends anymore!
But I will never forget all those years
Even the day I went up to you and said hi
And we became friends instantly
Always got in trouble for talking during class
And we would play together during recess!
I guess going to different middle schools
Made it worst; we hung out once in awhile
Remember back when I had a huge crush on C?
And you almost told him I liked him?
Ah, good times! But now we’re in high school!
Different counties almost like different countries!
How could we grown apart?
We were really tight!
I shed a tear not because I’m hurt
But because we never really had a reason to end our friendship!
Best Friends forever, we use to say
Is forever now?
I’m sorry that we ended
But heck, we had fun!
You were my first best friend!
I don’t know how I would have made it
Through elementary school without you!
But heck we made a good group of friends
I will never ever forget all the good times we had!
Especially the kiss on the cheek to C.W!
Good-bye old best friend!
I will never forget it!
All those nights staying up playing with Barbie dolls!
And doing pranks on my brother!
Best friend, you will always be in my heart!

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