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Bestestestest friend you're amazing

By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Page 1, My bestestestest friend is shewhowrites21; check out her work! she\'s amazing! and this is for her! hope y\'all like it!

You have always been here for me
 Even if I was an idiot
You never left my side
You’re supporting anything I decided about my writing
You’re the best!
I’m gonna miss you so much!
But I know we can still be friends!
I’m not giving up this easily!
It’s up to you
I won’t make you decide
But we have had some awesome times!
I know the day I leave
I’m gonna be crying
I mean how can you and ninja Izzy fight crime?
Turtle you’re the best!
I can come to you
And you’ll always help me
I know I can lean on you
I mean you help me so many times
I’m always here for ya!
No matter where I am!
We’ll be best friends!
I won’t replace you!
Honestly there won’t ever be another girl who can fill your spot
You’re the bestestest friend I could ever ask for!
Ha-ha you’re my wifey!
And I’m gonna miss all those nights you stayed over!
But they wont me forgotten!
For you are my bestestestestest friend in the whole wide world!
I love you girly! We will always go zoom zoom! You and Izzy anyways!

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