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Boy, why do I keep falling for you?

By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Page 1, Again, another old poem. It\'s about a guy who I dated twice, he broke up with me, asked me out again, I broke up with him, then I started to like him again (which I regret) so yeah, hint the title, anyways enjoy my poem! :)B.T.W: No I don\'t still like him, I\'m over him

Ugh! I like you again
But why though?
You hurt me so bad
And yet I still like you
Maybe I never quit liking you?
If I try to explain would you understand?
Or blow me off?
I didn’t want to do what I did!
Felt like I had to!
Why do I still love you?
Will it go away?
You’re all sweet and stuff
But yet you treated me like crap
Is there something about you?
That draws me to you?
Would you forgive me?
Do you still like me?
Would it be a waste of time?
My heart is aching
It’s longing to tell you!
But is that enough?
Or do I have to bed?
I’m scared of telling you
I don’t want to get hurt anymore
But I still love you so much!

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