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Can't you tell that she's an artist? See that smile on her face? That's her best work yet.

Poetry By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Ah, I don't feel like typing the summary. Just read it please. Hope you like it. Comment and tell me what you found wrong in it please? I wanna work on making it better. Thanks.

Submitted:Dec 14, 2009    Reads: 61    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Yeah, sure everything heals?
But what happens when you've finally crack?
Yeah, he hit the last piece holding me together
And so yeah, now I'm a mess!
But I guess nobody cares, right?
I mean come on; he said it right in front of my mom!
She didn't say anything! Unless she whispered it!
Shouldn't that be the best part?
Ha, for the worst ending ever!
I'm not even gonna bother picking up the pieces!
I got two things keeping me on this earth!
Other than that, I'm already dead!
But wait I'm all smiley and fine
Well it's an act!
I must act good, or they must be blind!
I can't take it anymore
I'm finally down in the bottom
And I was doing so awesome!
But how can I when he hit the worst parts and he knows it!
That the thing, I can't!
I've finally hit rock bottom!
He should be so happy!
This time I'm not getting back up
Why so he can tear me down?
I'm barely staying sane here!
But yeah they so care for me!
I'm just a drama queen
They don't see me slipping away
Or they just don't wanna admit it!
Who can I turn to?
Yeah, ninja Izzy will save me!
Yeah right, he doesn't care. He's a snob!
Yeah I have friends but they live to far away!
I'm hopeless maybe I should just end my life?
It'd make his day!
Nah, I'm not going that low!
I still got my writing!
And my friends!
But I'm gonna go crazy!
Don't you see these tears?
Yeah, best friend how come I didn't come to you?
About this time?
Because I don't wanna bother you with all my troubles
I mean you know he's a jerk
And guess what turtle; he really did it this time!
Sure I say this all the time!
But I actually mean this!
He just tore down all my hard work
My wall I built crumbled!
My life is in ruins!
I got nothing to live for
But a cat, my friends, and my writing!
Shouldn't my mom had go in my room to comfort me
When I busted into tears?
No, she's worried about him!
I guess they're all scared of him!
It sure looks like it!
I'm done faking, smiling, laughing, joking, and having a life
Why when he's only gonna take it right from under my feet!
So why even try?!
It not worth it!
Why get my hopes up?
When they will be thrown into millions of pieces?
I can't pick up the pieces this time!
There is just so many!
He hit the last thing keeping me together!
And my mom never got on him!
So why even try anymore?
Why shine when I get awards for poem contests?
Yeah, I'm giving up hope
I won't get my life back
Not this time anyways
To be honest I don't really care anymore!
I'm really giving up on everything now!


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