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No title in my mind.....

By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Page 1, I don\'t know!

I can’t believe I was so stupid
To believe that you have actually cared
When you were just acting
You could care less
And I’m sure you do
I’m hopeless now
I’m already gone
I slipped away through the cracks
Nobody seems to miss me
I’m invisible when I’m here, nobody cares
I hide in the dark, y’all don’t care
I wipe away the tears from my eyes
Don’t wanna look weak
I’m done trying now
Why when I’m always getting hurt?
I’m never going to be in the spotlight
I’m not good enough to be
So why even attempt it?
Because it’s useless
I just wanna be acknowledge
So me that you care
Not pushing me away
This hurts worst than not saying anything at all
I’m hurt and I can’t hide it much more
 Next thing I know I’m gonna be crying in front of y’all
Just leave me alone
Y’all don’t care
Don’t even attempt to try and care
Because it won’t work with me
I know the truth you can’t deny that!

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