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This girl right here, yea right here, no not over there, right here!

Poetry By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

I guess I was listening to a sound that got me thinking, and I just wanted to write something like this. And guess what! I reallyx200 love, love, love this poem too! Hope you enjoy :) Comment if you like it or what I could do to improve please! Thanks!

Submitted:Dec 19, 2009    Reads: 67    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Yeah, I may not be perfect
Or I may not be the skinniest girl
But I'm sure I'm not the fattest
And I'm okay with that
This girl right here is done caring about what other people think!
My hair may not be the neatest
It probably isn't the wildest
But I try my best to keep it the way I like it
I'm not here to impress
I'm done with those days!
My clothes may not be the new "it"
Or they probably aren't the ugliest
But I wear what I want
And I okay if it not what the IN crowd are wearing
I'm my own person, I'm not a follower!
Sure I may act like I cared
But that was back then
Before I realized that they won't get nowhere in life
And being your own person will
So this girl is done caring about that stuff
I may be confused about things in my life
But one thing I do know is
That I'm not a follower; I won't ever be one of them
And I don't really care!
The earth doesn't rotate around them!
This girl right here keeps her head up high
And she follows her dreams
Guess what though!
She doesn't care what anybody has to say!
Because she's her own person, not own of them!
I don't care what anybody said about me
Nothing will bother me
Because I know it isn't true
And all that matters is what I think!
Not what anybody else does!
You can talk about me
Because I know you will
And nothing will stop you
But doesn't mean I have to listen
And that I won't. Why when it will be all over town anyways?
Don't really care what you gotta say
It not the truth
And it won't affect me
It would only boost your ego
So why do that to hurt other people?
It's my life, not yours
If I make a mistake in it
Then I'll try to fix it
Or I'll just learn from it
Instead of messing up my life
Call me a four eye nerd
But how do you got proof?
I don't wear glasses, I got contacts
And your words don't affect me
Nothing you say or do will hurt me!
I built up a wall
And I got stronger from my mistakes
You can't tear me down
Nothing will or can
I'm a fighter and a believer and my own person!

Oh yeah I don't care
What you have to say about this
Because it doesn't matter
And never will!
So why let it get under my skin? It's pointless!


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