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Useless and Hopeless

Poetry By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

To be honest, I just started writing and didn't pay attention, I write what I feel or whats on my mind. So enjoy :)

Submitted:Dec 1, 2009    Reads: 101    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

I feel no need to be here
Nobody wants me, nobody cares
I'm all alone, useless and hopeless
I done gave up hope
Got nothing to live for
No reason to stand up for myself
Why when he's only gonna bring me back down?
It's not worth it
Just to be back to where I am now
Why even bother, he'll get what he want
There no reason to live
He'll make it like hell
So why stay?
Nobody believes me, only him
So why stay and get hurt?
I'm already hurt deep
Can't take no more pain
It's already killing me softly
He'll get what he wanted
He always does
Why? Though I don't get what I want
Are you scared of him?
Has he gotten you to be his puppet?
I notice if I try to do what he does
I get fussed at and punished
So if that isn't a big hint then what is?
I'm not wanted here, or needed
Only by a cat, and the way he's going, he'll be gone
I got nothing to live for
So why keep on living?
To give him a target?
Haven't I been bullied enough in my life?
I'm already gonna need a therapist when I'm older
You just wanna make me go mental?
Don't stay I didn't warn you
I tried for so long
But I can't take his commands
When he isn't but two years older than me
Yet y'all don't care
Have y'all ever cared?
He's make my life like hell
And yet you say I'm just a drama queen
He can talk negative to me, put me down, and talk crap about me
And you let him! And you help him on it!
So how am I supposed to be able to trust anyone?
I can't and I can't fake it anymore
Can't you see my smile is slipping?
And my mask is falling off?
That these tears aren't fake?
Or would that be taking time away from him?
He's number two.
You put the boys on the pedestal
And me on the dirty ground
I'm the girl!
The youngest, or am I just here to take up space?
I have feelings too you know
Or do y'all just not care?
I can't block him out
Not his words or his abusive side
Yet he wouldn't do anything like that
Wake up and smell the coffee!
Or will you when he kills me?
Or drives me to kill myself?
We're heading down that road now
Realize now or it'll be too late!
I'm done with all this
I give up, but I won't give in
I'm not letting him have that
I'm not scared of him anymore
So go ahead believe him, I'll get someone else to believe me!
I feel hopeless and useless
I shouldn't have to live my life in fear!
There goes the suppose to be best three years of my life
I can't do anything right only wrong
And he does no wrong! Don't lie, you know he's the king of the house and I'm a prisoner!


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