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From The House Of Dark Shadows

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, written 11/06/2011 Contest Entry using these five words lust,dusk,garden,poetry,dream

On a night not fit for a man or a mouse

Barnabas strolls through the garden and nears the house

His true love did jump from Widows' Hill

And being cursed by a witch he is living still

He comes out at dusk and never at dawn

With his cane in hand he crosses the lawn

His dream is to remodel the house next door

They ask what he wants with that eye sore

Soon his lust does build for a young woman he sees

She reminds him so much of Josette DuPres

From the house of dark shadows he prowls at night

In his hunger for blood near the town hall light

And the one who unchained him is down on his knees

Making promises with prayers like poetry

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