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Her Prayers

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, Written 12/29/1988

Daffodils and roses grew along side the road

She put them out herself, or so I was told

When she could walk and she could run

And prayed for the rain and prayed for the sun

Down on her knees, she prayed through the Son

For everything around her and for everyone

And if she should die before she awoke

She prayed for the Lord to come take her soul

Lightning bugs and butterflys in the evening hour

She would catch them herself, and put them in a jar

When she could laugh and she could play

And prayed for it to be a beautiful day

She grew sick for she was ill

But she'd put out her flowers and catch bugs still

Then she couldn't walk and she couldn't play

Nor pray for the rain or a beautiful day

Funeral homes and cemetary's, there's one most everywhere

She rested in one herself, but she's no longer there

For in heaven she laughs and she runs

Cause her prayers were answered, her prayers through the Son

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