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In The Middle Of It All

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, Poem written 08/04/2012

Push it to the right

pull it to the left

in the middle of the night

you're all out of breath

from working all day.


You want to stay down

but then you get up

in the middle of a round

feeling like a whipped pup

then have your say.


I work like a slave

to play at night

in the middle of my say

I say it ain't right

but slave on anyway.


You want to step forward

but then you go aft

in the middle of a reward

you just toss it back

and give it away.


You have to change course

wishing that retirement would come

in the middle of a divorce

from your only loved one

begging them to stay.


You work like a slave

don't play at night

in the middle of our say

we say it ain't right

keeping us at bay.

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